tattoo bleeding ink?
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I got a touch up on a 3 month old tattoo yesterday. Today it is sort of bleeding ink. (I can press a white piece of paper to it after applying A+D ointment and get a print of the tattoo) Is this normal? It did not do this when I first got it done.
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Happened to me when I got my leg piece touched up. You should be fine, just exercise appropriate aftercare (that is, all the things you did to take care of it the first time you got it tattooed). If it keeps worrying you, call the shop where you got it done and ask for some aftercare tips.
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This is normal for the first day or so after getting a new tattoo.

Stop pressing things against it!
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Yep, normal.
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Keep it clean and go easy on the A+D. Ointments attract dirt, and a thinner layer will actually encourage scabbing and healing.
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Agreed - normal.
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Totally fine. Every tattoo I've ever gotten has bled ink.

Although, as TheWhiteSkull mentions, you should go easy on the A&D. You really want your skin to be able to breathe. Petroleum products can cause all sorts of tattoo-disrupting processes like acne outbreaks, clogged poors, etc.
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With my older ink the artists suggested A&D, but with a leg piece I received 3 weeks ago I was told to use a thin layer of plain ole' Lubriderm instead, about 4-5 times daily. This one has healed very easily, with no scabbing and minimal itching.

Oh, and yes, the "bleeding" ink is quite normal when you have the bandage taped on for the first day.
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The shirt I wore when I got my first tattoo still has a little black lizard foot print on it, though the rest of the tattoo didn't bleed through.
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