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I've got a ridiculous looking sunburn...

I've stupidly managed to get myself a uniquely ridiculous looking sunburn the day before a big date. How can I eliminate or at least lessen the redness of the sunburn before tomorrow night? I'm already moisturizing like crazy, applying a topical steroid, and taking ibuprofen.

Alternately, what's the best way to cover it up if I can't get rid of it by tomorrow night?
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If you're going clubbing for your date or something equally chic, J. Lo-esque sunglasses just might work:

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I thought of that, but it's a dinner date, so sunglasses won't work.
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Why don't you just sunscreen the burnt parts and go sit in the sun for another couple of hours? Should even things up nicely. =]
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Green lotion. I'm not kidding. It's a make-up artists' trick for roseacea, pimples, sunburn...any unwanted skin redness. The green counteracts the redness and makes it look more like a normal skin tone... albeit quite tan.

I've always just mixed up a little moisturizer with green food coloring. But you can buy Eucerin Redness Relief Tone Perfecting Cream, which has a green tint. Not sure how transparent it is. Also, there is a Solarcaine Aloe gel with a green tint. This product is definitely a clear, non-make-uppy gel.
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If the girl rejects you just because you've got a sunburn, is she really worth it? Do you really want someone that superficial?

I understand wanting to look your best, but it's something to think about.
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Honestly, I would totally just go with the sunburn. It'd be a great way to break the tension a bit - "Yes, I'm an idiot. Look at me! Ha ha! Oh well, any way, no big deal. Nice to see you!" And if she runs away screaming, she's (or he's, no assumptions here) frankly not worth it.
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Actually, I'd think the sunburn would be memorable and different. Don't hide it: go red. It will give him or her something to chuckle about. Instant icebreaker/conversation starter.
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Which is basically what antifuse just said. Sheesh. I agree with antifuse! :)
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There is no way to cover up a sunburn that does not look like a covered-up sunburn, which looks way worse than a sunburn. wryly's green moisturizer is probably the only thing you can use without looking like you're wearing pancake makeup, and that's only going to tone you down a bit. Don't get any of it on the unburned areas, though, because it will make those parts look unhealthily pale.

Avoid fluorescent lighting (candlelight's more flattering to everyone anyway), and if your face itches do not mindlessly scratch because it will either leave those dotty little blood bruises or you will peel, which is not good table manners at all. The hydrocortisone should keep that from happening.

My mother swears that real aspirin is better than ibuprofen for a sunburn, but I think you have to start taking it right away. If you're not sensitive to it, you could give it a try.
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The green lotion thing is very interesting, but then you run the risk of looking like the kind of person who would wear lots of, well, green lotion. Plus it may well irriate your skin or get patchy, which wouldn't help much. Try applying aloe and drinking lots of OJ.
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I just had this. I'm now in the peely aftermath. No brilliant advice, except to take your vitamins, which definitely seems to speed healing time.
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This is the beginning of every good love story...
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The solarcaine aloe based gel sounds good. Whatever you choose make sure it's water based and not oil based, otherwise you get a nice cooking oil effect from the heat your skin is giving off. It's not fun, I know from experience. This goes for the next few days, sunburn is physiologically the same as any other burn (besides the nice DNA damage) and will take a while to heal.
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Baste it with white vinegar (or cider vinegar, or pickle juice in a pinch). Give it like 10 minutes or so, which you can spend in front of the fan if you like, as it stinks. Then shower it off.
It will minimize the effects of the burn and make it heal faster. You won't do this, no one does, but it actually works. I'm near 60, and been exposed to enough sun to kill me, and I do not AFAIK have skin cancer or anything awful, and I've been doing this all my life.
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