upgrading laserjet ram?
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Does anyone know how to put more memory in an HP Laserjet 4700? There is an access panel on the rear right-hand side, and four screws holding in two slot covers labeled EIO, I believe. I downloaded the service manuals but nothing in there I could use. I can pay someone to do a service call but it seems like it should be something I could do myself.
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According to this guide, there's one DIMM slot, which is populated with a 128 MB DIMM stick, which combined with the internal 32 MB on board RAM, gives you 160 MB in the stock configuration. You can pull the current DIMM stick, and replace with 1 PC 2700 512 MB DIMM, for a total of 544 MB of maximum memory. Observe the asymmetric edge slot key in the memory stick for proper orientation.
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The panels labelled EIO are for installable network/print server cards.

Not sure about how to replace memory on this printer; other HP printers I've used in the past have had access panels on the side that give access to memory slots. You may have to poke around some, or give HP a call or chat on their website and see if they can tell you more.
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Here are pictures of all sides of the LaserJet 4700n, which should be the same chasis.

I can't see any door for a memory module, so my guess is that it is under the right side panel, which probably has screw along the bottom and the back. It wouldn't be that surprising if you had to take other panels off first..

The service manual should give memory upgrade instructions, but the user manual will not.
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Best answer: I think if you open the right side dress panel, which swings out, you'll find a removable cover underneath (small screw holding in place), which covers the memory DIMM slot. Power off the machine, remove the cover, and use the tabs at the ends of DIMM slot to release the DIMM from the slot. These are generally cammed, to assist in removing the memory module.
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Response by poster: Thank you! I will open the entire panel and dig around.
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Response by poster: I can't figure out how to open that dress panel, so I'm calling in the laser marines. Thanks anyway!
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