Yum, Tapioca.
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Does anyone have recommendations for savory southeast-Asian style tapioca recipes?

The last time I was at the Asian grocery, I bought a bag of plain tapioca pearls. Now I don't know what to do with them! I've done some searching for recipes but have only found sweet desserts, and I was hoping to cook something savory instead. I'd love some recommendations for recipes or recipe sites.
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Hmm... I don't know much about tapioca pearls, but I think they're mainly used for making bubble tea, and not much else.

You could possibly process them somehow to use as a substitute for tapioca flour, but tapioca pearls usually come pre-cooked which means its going to be somewhat different. In any case, I believe the pearls are pretty tasteless (the main reason for adding them to bubble tea is for the chewy texture and not taste), which means you could probably throw them into anything you want.

There's a list of recipes involving tapioca at kuali.com, which is a site full of Malaysian recipes. I'm pretty sure most of them will require you to use the actual tapioca root though.

Have fun!
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Response by poster: Ahhh. That makes sense, destrius. Thanks!
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i'm anything but a culinary expert but it sounds like the same stuff i've had in India known as Sabudana. One i've tried and was partial to was Sabudana Khichdi
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I know this isnt savory, but you could try putting them in hot cocoa. I had bubble tea almost every day of the winter when I was in china, and it occurs to me that pearls in hot cocoa would be good times.
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