Missed art show of animated Humphrey Bogart?
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Last month in the New York Times I saw an image of Humphrey Bogart from his classic film "Treasure of the Sierra Madre", but the picture was animated/rotoscoped, in the same style as the recent "Scanner Darkly". What was this from, who is the artist, and how can I see it? I do not know if the image in the paper was a shot from an entire animated version of the film(which would be awesome!), or just an artist's rendition of a single shot from the film. I saw this image in a section about art exhibits and happenings to attend in the month of July/Aug in New York. I'm a huge Bogart fan, any New Yorkers out there who can help me?
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George Ioannou paints film/music stars in that sort of style. I couldn't find any Bogart, though.
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For reference, that's a vector art style. Don't know any specifics about that image, though.
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