it's ALL white jeep to me
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Please help track down a spoken (screamed) word piece about a white jeep.

I’m looking for any info on a spoken-word recording from the perspective of a guy who’s been dumped by his girl and now sees an unfamiliar white jeep parked in front of her house (signifying a new male visitor), and goes on a screaming tirade about it.

From the beginning of the piece (at least the segment I’ve heard), the speaker is yelling: I bet she’s taking him back in her arms RIGHT NOW! and gradually gets more and more worked up; by the end he’s screaming and his voice cracks on various threats of violence: I wanna light the rag! that’s shoved inside the fuel can! It’s ALL white jeep to me! and by the end he’s in a total frenzy and only screaming WHITE JEEP! FUCKING WHITE JEEP! WHIIITE JEEEEP! (I realize this is some goofy shit)

The only place I’ve heard this was in an audio collage mashup thing created (on tape!) by a friend of a friend. Friend A, the tape’s recipient, doesn’t know the audio clip’s source, and has lost contact with friend B, the tape’s creator. It was made in the early 90s and I listened to it with friend A many times during college (94-97), but have not heard it since. I do not have a copy. I’ll see if she remembers details I don’t, but I’m sure she doesn’t know the clip’s origin.

There was no music or any other background noises within this clip.

I can’t prove this spoken-word piece was professionally done, but I’m pretty sure the collage’s creator was not the source. Nothing else on the tape was self-done - his voice does not appear; it was all cobbled together from elsewhere. I realize it may have been done by a friend of his, which would be equally amateur and impossible to track, but it seemed more like a hidden track on some obscure album. The collage was put together from a great variety of sources, mostly audiobooks. The only ones I remember identifying were Return of the Jedi and Dan Millman’s Way of the Peaceful Warrior. (Yeah.)

I google this every year or so and have come up with nothing. This is a very long shot but I thought I might as well ask.
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Wow, that is out there, and you're right - Google seems pretty useless for this one, at least without some more known specifics.

I know this isn't the same song, but the Dresden Dolls have a track called "The Jeep Song" with a very similar premise (singer sees ex-Lover's Jeep all over town, painful memories):

Dresden Dolls - The Jeep Song
i've been driving around town
with my head spinning around
everywhere i look i see
your '96 jeep cherokee

you're a bully and a clown
you made me cry and put me down
after all that ive been through
you'd think i'd hate the sight of you

but with every jeep i see
my broken heart still skips a beat
i guess its just my stupid luck
that all of boston drives that same black fucking truck

it could be him or am i tripping
and i'm crashing into everything
and thinking about skipping town a while
until these cars go out of style...

i try to see it in reverse
it makes the situation hundreds of times worse
when i wonder if it makes you want to cry
every time you see a light blue volvo driving by

so dont tell me that you're off to see the world
i know you wont get very far
dont call me if you get another girl baby
just call me if you get another car

the number of them is insane
every exit's an exboyfriend memory lane
every major street's a minor heart attack
i see a red jeep and i want to paint it black

it could be him or am i tripping
and i'm crashing into everything
i can't wait til you trade that fucker in
by then they will have stuck me in the looney bin

it could be him my heart is pounding
its just no use i'm surrounded
but someday i'll steal your car and switch the gears
and drive that cherokee straight off this trail of tears
I know this doesn't answer your question, but it's a good tune (email me if you want to hear it) and if you have a sudden fascination with Jeep-themed broken-heart songs, this could fit the bill.
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