I'm taking my parents out do dinner in Williamsburg Brooklyn! But where?
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Folks are coming to visit from out of town and we'll be in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Saturday night. Where should we take them for dinner?

A nice place where our parents from the midwest will feel comfortable. Good food and relaxed atmostphere. I'd like to show them the neighborhood a little bit, but I don't want to subject them to non-stop "Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah" during the meal.

Where do hipsters take their parents when they come to visit? Do hipsters even have parents? Or are they born fully grown in small pods buried beneath the Sea (the Thai restaurant)?
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Williamsburg Cafe is really good. Get the beef.

Dumont is popular, but I think it's highly overrated.

Union Picnic serves excellent southern food. It's a casual place, one I wouldn't otherwise recommend for a parents-come-visit dinner (but you said relaxed atmosphere). Nearby McCarren, good for a walk afterward.
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The obvious place is Peter Luger's, the best steakhouse in NY apparently. It's on Broadway near the Marcy JMZ stop. The only problem is they only take cash and it's 50-70 per person.

Also on Broadway, the Dumont's opened up a fine dining restaurant across the street. I forget what it's called, but it's about a block west from Luger's and on the North side of the street. It's very nice--very professional, standard good restaurant, lots of families and kids dressed up. Actually, I might put this place over Peter Luger's because it seems more friendly and family-oriented.

Also Fada is another place with great atmosphere, slightly overpriced but great dishes, candlelight--not that many hipsters, usually married couples. It's on North 7th and I think Driggs.

These places are expensive. If you can't do these places, I'd try one of the popular hipstery hangouts, like Diner, Relish, or Aurora. If these are too chic, you might want to try some of the popular non-hipstery places, like Sparky's for hamburgers, fries, and milkshake, or the Polish restaurant on Bedford (and north fifth?) or some of the restaurants on north sixth--there are two there that have pretty good ambience but serve decent food. (One's a bar that has a lot of wheat beer and candlelight; the other one is a jocky-y bar.) I can't remember their names, but they're right next to each other, closer to Bedford, and they always seem packed with "normal" people. The Dumont at Lorimer *is* good, but might be far if you're at Bedford; it's also hipstery. If you can go south, I'd recommend Dumont Burger, which does have hipsters but is just your standard burger joint.
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I second that Polish restaurant on Bedford and N. 5th (I can't remember its name either). It is small but nice inside and the two times I've been there it has been quiet couples and families. And the food was good.
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Sea is one my favorite Brooklyn spots, and one of the few that I think are nice enough for parents.
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We took my in-laws to Sweetwater Grill on N 6th. We have been there many times. The food is good and it's not pretentious. Sure, the hipster ratio may be a little higher than in normal areas, but if my in-laws felt comfortable, so will they.
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How about Lodge? Homey food, relaxed atmosphere, but still very much an impressive dining experience.

In my experience, Sea is incredibly crowded on Saturday nights, and they have a deejay/club vibe going, which I wouldn't subject parents to (love them in the afternoon though).

Don't go to Acqua Santa, ever. They have a terrible vermin problem. My sister worked there, and they were constantly having to give people comps because of it, yet the owner doesn't care enough to fix it. One lady found a roach baked into her pizza.
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If they want to stroll on the main drag & have dessert, Fabiane's Café & Pastries (Bedford & N. 4th) is by far the best "dessert & light fare" place I know in Brooklyn, and the best-value such place anywhere in the 5 boroughs. Run by three graduates of the french Culinary Institute. Zagat's says this place "singlehandedly puts Williamsburg on the pastry map."
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My first thought was also Sea. I would take pretty much anyone there for an evening out in Williamsburg.
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I have to back everyone up on SEA being very crowded on Saturday nights and having a very young-person-oriented DJ/club vibe. I think if I took my parents there they'd feel old and alienated.

Sweetwater grill was the place I couldn't remember on North sixth--great pick for this question!

If you're doing brunch, you might want to try Saint Helen's Cafe: outdoor seating, good food, the best designed menu of all time.
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N6 (on North 6th and Havemeyer) is great for parents. Not at all crowded, good, cheap(ish) food, and cozy atmosphere.
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I'd second the Lodge, though I've never been there for dinner. If the weather is good the back deck area at Dumont can be a good place for parents. My mom really liked it when we went to dinner there (though it can be a bit over rated). There's also a mexican place on Bedford on the south side, the name of which escapes me at the moment which I've always found to be really good and very relaxed without being overly hipsterfied.

As for Union Picinic...I love it there but I wouldn't bring the folks. One time we were there the waitress was smoking a joint at the counter. That was a few years ago but still..

No matter where you go you might want to make it an earlish dinner. Get there between say 6 and 7. I've noticed more and more people coming from outside the neighborhood (and even the borough) to come eat in Williamsburg on Saturdays. This seems to be getting worse every year. So, go earlier and wait less.
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Ahh...Bonita is the name of the Mexican place I was thinking of.
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Also on Broadway, the Dumont's opened up a fine dining restaurant across the street: Dressler, Dressler, Dressler! That's all that needs to be said :) Enjoy!
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