Help me install speaker wire
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Help me escape speaker wire installation-purgatory -

So I went out and bought this Sony receiver and I'm having one hell of a time being able to attach the speaker wire. The connections on the back are not the "spring clip" type I'm accustomed to, but rather large plastic "screws" with what looks to be metal inside them (picture). I've stipped the wire (16 AWG) but every time I place the wire in the connector and "screw" it in, the wire falls out. This is driving me absolutely crazy.

What are the names of these damn things (binding posts? That's the closest I've come up with) and how do I get them to accept my speaker wire? Do I need some sort of termination part, or am I just an idiot?
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That looks familiar (I used to have a Sony receiver). Isn't there a hole in the metal interior of the screw through which you insert the stripped wire?
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Best answer: If they're like my Sony amp, you unscrew the plastic part which reveals a hole in the side of the post. Poke the wire through it and tighten the plastic part again.
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I think Doofus is right. My speakers have similar-looking connections, and there's a hole for the wire through the center of the shaft. If you unscrew the thing the whole way, you might have better luck both seeing the hole and getting the wire into it.
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Banana pin terminators. 10 gauge.
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Best answer: Like this:

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Best answer: I'll agree with everyone that there's likely a hole in the post. If there isn't, try wrapping the wire around the post clockwise before you screw down the plastic bit. That way, the screwing action will tend to keep the wire on the post.
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My '70s Advent speakers don't have a hole in the post (I've got no idea how widespread the design is, though). Alternately, strip enough wire to make a sort of U-shape, or even a sort of Q-shape, then loop it over the post and crank down the plastic bit.
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No holes? Crimp these or these on the ends of the speaker wires.
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You could also use crimp-on spade lugs, like this:

Make sure to match both the wire size and the diameter of the screw terminal.
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Response by poster: Doofus Magoo - I'm a fucking idiot. I've been sticking it in through the hole in the center, not in the groove on the side.

Gee, ya know, this whole thing could be avoided if Sony printed something more than "Step 3: Attach Speaker Wire" in the manual.

Thanks, I've regained my sanity...
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Ugh! Don't use spade terminals on those. If you are going to put connectors on the ends of the cables, use banana connectors. You'll thank me later.
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They're multi binding posts. They take wire through, wire around, spade or banana.

For the power you're likely to be dealing with, any of them work, but the best, as mentioned, are good banana connectors. Bad ones will fall out.
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