Is there a VOIP emergency phone broadcast service we can host on our own?
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I work for a nonprofit in Central Florida. In the event of an impending emergency (hurricane, fire, whathaveyou) we would like the ability to send a recorded message out to a pre-set list of contacts AND have a message box where those contacts would be able to leave messages for our staff.

There is a product called 'Contact 911' that does this for a fee. However, there are various reasons we don't want to go with them. Is there VOIP software product or service that would let us do this on our own?
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If you're looking for free, which, given that you're a NFP, I would tend to think that you are, I've had good luck with GNU Bayonne. It's a little complex, so you'll need to enlist the help of someone who can work their way around a simple, script-based programming language. That said, it isn't that hard, and I was able to figure it out while in high school a few years back. We created an Interactive Voice Response system that functioned as a computer help desk, but the software could definitely be used to do what you're describing. Maybe you could get a student from a local high school or college to figure it out for you in exchange for some community service time?
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Have you joined one of the N-TEN lists and asked other nonprofits what they're doing? I see services mentioned on the DC one on a regular basis that are targeted and priced with nonprofits in mind.
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