Where Can I Find This Poster Besides Stealing It From Ralph Lauren's Home?
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Where does my friend find this groovy poster? Why yes, there is...

She's decorating her house, and has stumbled upon this poster on a Ralph Lauren website that she's obsessed with.
It's the tall poster in the middle right hand side, the one with all the names.
My google-fu tells me that it's a subway roll, the things you see scrolling from destination to destination on the front of buses and subway cars.
I don't know if this is an actual roll, possibly stolen from the front of said bus or subway car or merely a poster designed to look like one.
But I figured that if anyone could satisfy her decorating dilemna, it would be y'all.
Where's this poster? Doubleplusgood bonus points for a link to purchasing one.
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There's a few on eBay, originals, not posters, and with different destinations.
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that may now be a poster, lots of people are taking those old bus rolls and framing them up...like that one on ebay...I've even seen the brits do them with the old enamel bits that used to go on the bus station poles which looks really cool.

They are kinda trendy, as evidenced by appearance in a RL ad, so the $120 isn't too outrageous, but wait and keep checking on allposter.com or similar sites, they'll catch up.

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if you want it as a poster wouldnt it be just as easy to find a font you like, and do it yourself?

send it off to printers and would cost a fraction of what they are charging on ebay
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