How do I separate my pharmacy school application from everyone else's?
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This month, I'm applying to Pharmacy school at UGA. The one "essay" goes: "In the space provided below, please provide a personal statement as to what skills, talents, or abilities you posses that will be helpful to you in our program."
Not looking for anyone to write my mini-essay, but anyone in the field of Pharmacy or admissions got any suggestions as to anything I could put on there to seperate my application from everyone else, or just pointers as to what kind of key words/phrases admissions poeple might be looking for?
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Best answer: does this help?
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I had the same question when I applied to pharmacy school. Luckily I knew some people that were already in the Pharm.D. program who told me that important things to write about were "pharmaceutical care" and your ability for compassion without discrimination. Of course, it helps if you actually believe in these things. Also, while I was in pharmacy school we had the opportunity to participate in interviewing applicants and the thing that was always the most important to me was the person's potential ability to communicate with people skillfully. Feel free to email me if you have any other questions. I know that when I applied to pharmacy school, it was nearly impossible to get any kind of helpful information from anyone.
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