Help me find two subjects I can write on for a job application.
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I am submitting an application for a graphic design position and they are asking for design portfolios and two pieces of writing. I have no writing to give them. What the hell do I write about? I don't want to put a ton of time into researching topics so I can write about them but, seriously, I got nothing. I am a good writer with no outlet. Help!
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Describe how to do something you know how to do; bake a cake, change a tire, walk to the store. If you have a hobby, describe some aspect of that; "Here's how you prep a canvas" "How to scale a fish", but don't worry about it being something "new and exciting". They're probably not looking for the next Great American Novel, they want to see that you can arrange your thoughts in a coherent manner, use English effectively, and communicate information well.
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Write what you know.

1. Write about the history of your favorite font. So many good ones out there.
2. Steal an idea from Anne Lamott and write about your school lunch. Or some childhood adventure. Or a personal anecdote.

Try to aim for 250 words each, and edit them carefully.
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I would write at least one of them about a graphic design project you did that you found interesting. Like "my client was a fishing equipment chain, and they wanted something that screamed 'modern.' The challenge was no more insurmountable than others I'd dealt with, but for a week nothing came to me, until one night I saw in a dream…" or "the strangest assignment I ever got was to create a logo for a new brand of dog sunglasses..." I mean, just tell something true, and interesting, that also helps them understand you as a graphic designer. Then the other one can be something tangentially relevant, like the history of your favorite font as mochapickle suggested. (I would stay away from anything totally irrelevant to the job.)
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I just looked through your favorited posts and found several things you could use if you got stuck. Here's an example that seems to demonstrate that you are both colorfully expressive and awe-inspiringly organized.

(A tiny bit of editing could make it even better, but I think it's really good.)
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I like this one also, even though it's short.

The context - just a casual comment on Metafilter - makes the fact that you are thinking in numbered points even more significant.
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You'll be fine.

I'm a decent writer, all modesty aside - pm me a sample and i'll tell you if it needs more work and how to touch it up (and I'm sure there are lots of other mefites who'd do the same).
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How you pick colors
How you pick fonts
What makes for a good design
Why you became a graphic designer
How you became a graphic designer
What you love about being a graphic designer
What makes for a good graphic designer
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