Will catching NYC mice make my cats sick/dead?
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Will catching NYC mice make my cats sick/dead?

My cats have killed two mice in the past four days. I live in NYC, and I wonder whether mouse-catchability is aided by their being poisoned already. Last night, I heard one of the cats vomiting a lot, and this morning found the newly deceased mouse. Does cat-vomiting usually accompany non-poisoned-mouse-killing? If these mice are poisoned will it hurt the cats if they are only killing (and not eating) them? What to do? I would love the cats to catch the mice, but not if it kills them (obviously). I've read a few "how to catch mice" threads on ask.me already, and tried googling but the keywords are tricky.
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I live above a restaurant and so have to deal with mice on a regular basis. In putting down traps I sometimes notice copious amounts of blood.

Rat poison acts as a blood thinner, and I imagine city mice probably have built up a tolerance to some level of this stuff in their system.

A cat who ingested city mouse blood would probably take some amount of various poisons into its system.

From the vomiting symptoms, this link suggests Rampage is the bait being used, as well as veterinary care for remedy and management.
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FWIW, when I lived in Brooklyn my cat caught and killed (but did not eat) at least 2-3 mice each fall, sometimes more. He didn't vomit or show any ill effects. I'd call the vet.
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