Where to stay in Houston
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Where do I stay in Houston?

On my previous infrequent trips to Houston, I stayed at the Holiday Inn across I-10 from the Ikea store. I've been told that hotel (along with the others on that strip) has been torn down. What are some lodging recommendations? Most of my stops will be in the vicinity of Wirt Rd and I-10; I hate driving in traffic; broadband in the room is a big plus.
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I was in Houston for only 1 night and spent 80% of my time in a board room so I don't know the area (take this for what it's worth). Just stayed in the Residence Inn by Marriot in Greenspoint.

Not anything fancy, I was only staying there for 1 night (and only a matter of a few hours) but I did get a suite with a fullish kitchen, couch/living area, fireplace, king bed and some other nice things for pretty cheap.

Makes for a good business place to stay. It was about $15.00 by Taxi from International Airport. Overall it was clean and decent I guess. If you're looking for an easy business trip location I wouldn't mind recommending it.
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For that same area you could try:
Best Western Katy Freeway (713) 688-2800
Ramada Plaza Hotel (713) 688-2222
Both have broadband. They're just a couple blocks down (near Silber Rd.) from where that Holiday Inn was.

For a stylish place downtown - but you risk I-10 traffic depending on when you go:
Hotel Icon
The Lancaster
The Magnolia

Traffic tip for your area: Memorial runs parallel to I-10. Sometimes it's not as bad and it's certainly more pleasant - almost fun - to drive.

I-10 really sucks right there sometimes right now. There's a lot of construction and it's hard to tell when it will be congested. Generally it is busy in the mornings going East and in the afternoons going West. Also, generally, I-10 is only bad on the Ikea side of the 610 loop there. Inside the loop isn't as congested.

Enjoy your visit!
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Response by poster: Thanks for the tips, y'all.

dog food sugar: I'm familiar with the Best Western and the Ramada there, but I was given the impression that they had been torn down along with the Holiday Inn. I see from the websites that isn't true. (My sources told me that when I-10 was widened, they had to go south of the old Katy since the north side had that cemetery. As a result, everything to the south had been demolished. So much for my sources.)

I'll be mainly travelling north-south, so I-10 won't be much of a factor. Like travis, I won't be spending much time in the room, so I'll save the more stylish places for another visit.
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I've stayed several times at the Courtyard Marriott Houston on I-10 West. It's relatively new, clean, and inexpensive. It's located at I-10 and Dairy Ashford.
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