I'm trying to get a DVD-+RW drive working with Windows 98.
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I'm trying to get a DVD-+RW drive working with Windows 98 (first editon). While doing this, I noticed some issues this computer is having with other drives too.

DVD-+RW (I/O Magic IDVD168DL): Appears to write CDs okay using Nero Express, but thinks every non-blank DVD and data CD inserted, including ones it wrote, is an audio CD with one track.
DVD-ROM (EPO DVD-8216): Thinks every non-blank DVD and data CD inserted is an audio CD with one track.
CD-RW (Yamaha CRW2216): Doesn't read anything.
CD-ROM (some old one): Can't read burned CDs, does okay with all other CDs.

Any ideas how to get any of these drives working properly?
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I think your problem is Windows 98. At the very least see about upgrading to 98SE, where they added support for a lot of new hardware. Ideally though, you don't want anything to do with 98... run far away.
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This isn't an answer to your question, and I hate when people do this, but like rhomboid said....don't use win 98. I'd be happy to send you a copy of any os, or better yet download ubuntu, it's free and WAY better than win98/98se.

Windows 98 isn't supported anymore. I don't know if your computer is attached to the net, but if it is...well...ewww
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Well, plenty of FUD and pro-linux opportunism for you there! But either way I suspect the suspect the basic tenets of the pervious post are true. The problem is possibly Windows 98 not being modern enough to support what you want to do. If you can upgrade to a more contemporary operating system you’ll probably be OK. This might not be necessary that case - but that’s for other posters.
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Well, this isn't my own computer, I'm helping a family member. With this one being rather dated, it can't handle a modern operating system, and getting a new computer isn't possible at the moment.
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98SE isn't any more resource-intensive than 98 was, it's just better. Install it if at all possible.

If you're going to play with Linux on a very old box, Puppy is a good place to start; or, if you have at least 128MB RAM, Xubuntu.

If the machine isn't quick enough to run Xubuntu, it's never going to actually play a DVD movie; the only real use for the DVD drive would be for backups.
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Right, we just intend to use the DVD-RW for data.
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It's the operating system - you need Win98SE. Go here and download and install it. I doubt the OS police will come after you since the OS is basically dead.
Your version of Windows 98 can't understand what to do with the burned disk because it's not supported by the drivers you're trying to use. It's a good possibility that your drivers are new, and Win98 can't use them, so it's defaulting to the old OAK drivers that are part of the installation. As you know, the post-burn behavior is pretty much the same, no matter what burner you use. That's a big indicator that the OS is causing the issue, not the drives.
Wish I could be more help, but I think you're up against the age of the OS.
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