Window fonts growing up.
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Windows font size messed up in specific applications. Screenshot and

For the last few weeks I have been dealing with a rather annoying problem, the fonts in several applications have "grown". I have a picture here:


The applications shown are winamp preferences, ws_ftp preferences and Editplus2 preferences.

I know the font is not suppose to be that large because I'm very familiar with these applications, and well, the text doesn't fit the size of the windows in a lot of cases.

The only thing that I installed around the time this happened was Adobe Photoshop CS2, if that's any clue.

Windows XP SP2, Nvidia Quadro 280.

Thanks to all who reply.
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Best answer: Well, it looks to have defaulted to the SYSTEM font for those dialogs - but from a google image search the normal font doesn't seem to be anything special. Even so, it might be worth checking to see if you've got a corrupted font anyway. I think it's TAHOMA for those dialogs normally. Perhaps you could try and download it or copy it off another machine. You'll probably have to reboot to see if it's worked.
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Your troublesome fonts appear to be bolded. Try reverting to the default "Windows Classic" theme first.

Right-click on the desktop. Pull up the "Properties" dialog. Switch from "My Current Theme (Modified)" to "Windows Classic" and "OK" the change.

Does that fix your font problem? If so, you can proceed from there, modifying your desktop wallpaper and such or...

You can revert to your "Current theme" and poke around in the "Display Properties," "Appearance," "Advanced" dialog looking for the troublesome bolded "Item:"
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Best answer: I tracked down the font to be MS Sans Serif (according to Resource Explorer). I tried to replace it by simple delete/paste but was unable to delete from windows explorer. I found a Microsoft Article which involves deleting a key from the registry.
Once I did that, all the fonts were gone and I was able to paste a fresh version of the fonts into the fonts folder.

Problem no longer exists.
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