Sexy comfortable sheets?
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Comfortable sexy sheets: I want to buy a set of amazingly comfortable sheets, to keep my girlfriend in bed just a little bit longer. I don't mind spending a bit of money of these sheets. The catch is, I want to buy these sheets online, so going to the store and feeling the material first isn't a good option. Suggestions?

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These sheets from Bed, Bath & Beyond are super soft and comfortable. They've been known to keep people in bed all day. :)
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What people find comfy is pretty subjective (My last SO and I had very different opinions. She liked fuzzy, I hate fuzzy.) Why not go to the store and feel them, then order the ones you like online. Or is there something I'm missing?

The most comfortable sheets I ever had were very high thread count Modal (tree fiber). It's sort of like silky cotton, but I haven't found any the last couple times I was looking for sheets.
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definitely look for super high thread count long-fiber cotton. If you want to go for super luxurious, try linen or silk sheets. I would keep the sheets light-colored, I prefer white or ivory. Something that isn't sexy to me is red, navy, or any other dark colored sheet. A lace border, or embroidered border would help. The most sexy thing is comfort, and if you really want to get anal you can iron them before you make the bed. :)

Try websites like

Try typing "luxury Italian sheets" at Google and you will get tons of sources.

Also, take a look at You can get high-thread count for less money. I have even bought 600 TC Egyptian cotton sheets at Sam's Club. They are divine.
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Have you considered flannel (fuzzy)? Land's End sells flannel sheets. I like flannel, but only when it's coldish.
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I have these sheets on my bed right now and they are so, so nice. Even better if you iron them before putting them on.
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Ookseer: the ones I linked to are Modal sheets.
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Seconding the Jersey/T-shirt sheets-- that's what does it for me.

Anything too "satiny" or "silky" that isn't actually satin or silk is a bad idea: they feel slippery and heavy, and being synthetic, trap heat.
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and if you really want to get anal you can iron them before you make the bed.

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Best sheets I've ever slept on, far far better than the umpty-ump thread count ones (and yes, I've tried up to 800 count and I think it's BS) are Calvin Klein's. (There are two lines, the regular ones and the cheaper "Khaki" collection. Make sure you get the pricier ones.) They are in department stores but I have a little obsessive ebay habit going - you can get new CK sheets and duvets there for a song if you know what you're doing. These sheets are simultaneously soft and crisp. Luxurious and substantial. Hard to explain, but you'll never want to get out of bed.
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witchstone: I know, but Bloodbath doesn't ship to where I am, unfortunately.

Personally I'd go with Modal over Egyptian cotton (For sheets. Egyptian is great for towels.) but the Modal is a bit more slick than the cotton. Which might play a factor in bed-related activities.
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Seconding the "Pure Beech" recommendation.They're fantastic. It's like sleeping on the most expensive t-shirt you've ever felt. If you want to test them out, I'd order the pillowcases and try them for a few weeks. You'll never go back to regular cotton. They're also warm in winter and relatively cool in summer, and they dry pretty quickly if, for whatever reason, they get damp.

The only problem with them is that the fabric is fairly delicate, and I've found that after about a year of using and machine washing a set regularly, they start to get holes in them. Still, they're pretty cheap for luxury sheets, so it's not too painful to replace them when they wear out.

If you can't get BB&B to deliver to you, try eBay. There are several new sets up there now.
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Oh goodness. Go with the Hotel line. They're on AMAZING sale at Amazon right now, actually I'm going to buy another set.The most amazing sheets ever and at 80% off?! That is unbelievable! And the sheen is really attractive, sexy, if you will. I have two sets and I have spent many a Sunday laying in bed with the SO loving life.
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I have a set of the Hotel line on the bed right now and think they're amazing. Macy's had some ridiculous sale on them and at about $40/set, I wouldn't hesitate to try them.

The other set I switch between is more or less these, and they're quite nice and worth the money, but I'd say you could start with the Hotel line mentioned above and see if that fits the bill.
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I also recommend going with a high thread count -- the highest you can afford. I had a set of 450s (which I thought was pretty good until i saw Banafish's link to 1000s!) and they were fantastic.

I also like Jersey sheets, though, so you can't go wrong with those, either.

The first is really sexy and luxurious; the latter is very comfy and relaxing.
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From what I've read, high thread count matters if you're in the 240-400 range (that is, sheets in that range will be much better than sheets around 180), but above 400 or so the manufacturers are gaming the thread-count by adding threads in a way that can make the sheets stiff and less nice feeling. So, just going for the highest number when buying online is not a good strategy.
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I'll third the Modal/beech. My roommate just alternates her two sets, and I keep my one set on for as long as I can. An added bonus is that they cling to curves rather nicely as well.
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Thread count is more about giving consumers a simple single number they can understand, than it is a measure of what matters. (Besides which, flannel in the winter, satin in the summer, neither fabrics use thread count. :-)
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Also, the real bastard of sheet-shopping is that it is really hard to tell what sheets are going to feel like on your bed by fondling them at a linen store.

I have heard a lot of complaints about jersey sheets - they do feel super-soft in the store, but I've heard after multiple launderings they pill and lose that softness that is some sort of treatment (I don't know from personal experience since I would kill myself if I had to sleep in jersey or flannel sheets).

Seriously, I find that the best way to buy sheets is to have someone really knowledgeable tell you about what is going to fit your preferences. You will probably get this more at a private linen/bedding store, but if you know what you like, (are you looking for silkiness, or cool crispness, or fluffy softness, etc.), I really think that's your best bet. It's kind of a gamble.
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Another enthusiastic vote for Modal. Ours are wonderful and contrary to other posts, we've been regularly washing just one set for well over a year now with no visible signs of wear and tear. No pilling, no holes, just pure comfort.

I tend to get annoyingly warm, especially when cuddled up tightly to another cozy body, and the natural coolness of these sheets is a life saver. Often I will bring out the flat sheet that otherwise goes unused and wrap myself up in that in exchange for a blanket in the summer months.

I concur with natabat, they do cling rather nicely to curves, and might I add to that: they take a frenzied beating quite well!
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I hate sateen sheets and don't particularly like jersey. Sheets must be all cotton. especially as they wear, polyester feels less than perfect. The absolute key to sheets feeling really, really good, is that they be clean. Freshly made bed with clean sheets is one of life's pleasures.
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1000 count hotel sheets can be had at Bed Bath and Beyond. They're expensive. They're worth it.
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Bananafish, I was not in the market for bedsheets, but I just ordered a set of the Hotel brand you recommended. Thank you.
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gaiam's cotton satteen sheets are very nice feeling, organic, and come in interesting colors. sometimes they are deeply discounted.
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