Birthday present for an expectant mother?
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My close friend's baby is due within a few weeks after her birthday. What can I give her for her birthday that she will enjoy in the coming weeks and months?

I want to give my friend something that is specifically for her (rather than more baby items, which we all just gave her at her shower). On the other hand, I can't lose sight of the fact that her whole routine, and her needs and interests, are about to change in a big way. What might be a good gift?

I have seen related posts that talk about massage, lotions, etc. Are they good ideas at this stage?

For purposes of this question, assume that money is no object. My friend is on the East Coast of the United States.
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What about a gift certificate to a nice restaurant with an IOU one night babysitting?
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I'm currently expecting (due 9 days ago), and coincidentally my birthday is also very soon. If I were being polled about gift preferences, number one on my list, even though I don't regularly get them, would be a pedicure. For the past couple of months my feet have been uncomfortable to reach and the appearance of my feet (too-long toenails and summertime barefoot callouses) show it.

Also on the list would be a movie or movie rental certificates to wallow away those "I have a baby, now what?" first few weeks.

A gift certificate to Victoria's Secret or another favorite lingerie store might be welcome too. A woman's body goes though so many changes shortly before and after delivery and having high-quality undergarments can make a world of difference in her comfort.

This is also ouside of my nature, but lately I've really enjoyed having fresh flowers around the house. It kinds of feels like decorating the house for a guest, which I suppose is appropriate when one is preparing to bring a baby home.
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What can I give her for her birthday + assume that money is no object.

Get her the most comfortable chair in the world, because she is going to spend a lot of time sitting. Some of these look very nice, but you'll have to ask others about how they feel. If you can, get one with a stool so she can put her sore feet up.

(If money is really, really no object, get a pair to make sure her partner is encouraged to sit down and be part of Team Baby while your friend takes a break with a book.)
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New mom (he's 8 weeks) - I've got to second what mezzanayne says about the feet ... and about body care in general. Friends took me to this foot spa shortly before and then again shortly after, and it was the perfect thing... before, because my feet were swollen and a mess, and after, because when you barely have time to take a shower two hours at a spa being waited on hand and foot are sheer bliss.

(Also, as a new mom, you find yourself using muscles - particularly those in your hands and arms and back - that you didn't know you had before.)

So I'd say a spa gift certificate, plus making sure she gets the time to go (ie: either arrange for a sitter or be the sitter yourself).
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Lower back tattoo?

The trouble with gifts like massages is that a new mother has NO time for anything like that unless you also include babysitting from a qualified sitter, or yourself, if you're qualified.

Let her concentrate on the new baby. Find someone to cook some meals for her or clean her house for a few weeks.
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House cleaning service?
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I second the spa gift card. My husband got me one after the birth of our daughter and it was heaven to be pampered for an hour.

Around here we also have services like Meal Makers where you choose a menu, then you go in and they have all of the ingredients ready and you make a series of entrees to take home and freeze. Maybe you could sign her up for a month of meals and you two could go in and make them together? She won't have time to cook while taking care of a newborn, so this would be a thoughful and useful gift.
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If money is no object, buy her a doula for a day.
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I'm due tomorrow, and if my birthday were coming up soon, I'd be ecstatic about most of things already mentioned (massage, pedicure, housecleaning service, doula, prepared dinners, etc.). Some other ideas: gift certificates for clothing (since some new clothes might help her forget about those maternity clothes she's been wearing day in, day out for the last few months) or for shoes (some women go up a shoe size during pregnancy and don't go back down! That's expensive!). Maybe some new CDs? Chances are, she'll be spending a fair amount of time in the house soon, so some new tunes might nice to listen to.

I still think the massage idea is the best though. If she hasn't had the baby yet, she needs a massage (especially from a therapist who knows about pregnancy massage and labor-inducing pressure points!). If she has had the baby, she needs the break (and babysitter).
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Why don't you ask her what she wants?! Or see if she has an Amazon wishlist? Good heavens, if more people would get others things they WANT, there would be more appreciated gifts and fewer returns in the world.
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