Help identifying an empty German flask I found?
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I'd like some help identifying an empty flask I found in a drawer.
It's from Germany, and bears the inscription "Herrenberger Blutwurzelansatz / Weinhaus Gläßer / Brennerei Herrenberg / Deutsches Erzeugnis".
The bottle is at least 10-12 years old, and doesn't mention any overseas distributor. Could it have held an herbal wine, or a liqueur?
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I reckon it's schnapps - the most important part is the "Blutwurzelansatz" part, which in my pathetic German translates literally as "Blood root start". Herrenberger is probably the brand name and where it was made, and the rest is just saying who made it and that it was made in Germany.

"Blood root" appears to be a medicinal herb, possibly Sanguinaria canadensis.
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Actually, it's more likely to be Potentilla erecta, another medicinal herb.
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What JimBob said. It sounds like an herbal schnapps, most likely from Herrenberg near Stuttgart.

This site suggests that Blutwurzel is potentilla erecta, which is a cinquefoil. It mentions that it can be used to treat diarrhea, or as a mouthwash.
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Curse you Jimbob! :)
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also a Brauerei is a brewery and the 'Brenner' in Brennerei means 'Burner'... So Brennerei is like a brewery with more burning?
a burnerery?!
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darkpony - sounds like you've described a distillery...

But why couldn't they just say that? ;-)

Thanks to all for your help!
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