I need the default Mario Paint songs!
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I am looking for the two default songs that came with Mario Paint.

Asking for a friend here, so I'm not familiar with the game or songs themselves. Apparently there was a music editor in Mario Paint where users could make their own songs, and it came with two default songs. What my friend wants is a .wav or .mp3 version of these two default songs in the music maker. Can anybody help me out?
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Best answer: Have your friend check out the Mario Paint section of VGMusic.com

The files are all midi but usually that's enough to represent anything the SNES could output. You can convert them to a wav but its only going to increase the size of the files.
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Best answer: It actually came with three default songs. I fired up an old copy of the ROM and outputted the songs, then I converted them to MP3 for you. I don't have any file hosting available at the moment, so I used YouSendIt. If the files aren't available when you want them, let me know.

Link to songs
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Response by poster: Wow thanks for such quick replies! I wasn't expecting someone to actually go so far as to rip the song, zip it and then upload it to the internet. I'd mark your answer as a "best answer" too, cacophony, but for some reason it's not allowing me right now.
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That is so awesome cacophony. You're my hero.
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i had completely forgotten about mario paint, this is awesome!
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Glad to be of service... also kind of cool is that The OneUps did a cover of the Monkeys theme from Mario Paint in their first album. There's a sample on the linked page. It's pretty cool.
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