Escort Agency License in Illinois?
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What sort of license do I pursue to start a (legal) escort agency in Chicago/Illinois?

I've been working on starting an agency with a former escort friend of mine, and haven't had much luck googling for what sort of license I'd need. I have no desire to run an illegal operation, and I know that there ARE legal companies in the state, but they're not very likely to help me start up their competition, eh?

My partner and I have seen that all the agencies in the state, legal or no, seem to fall under a couple categories:

1) Force/"strongly encourage" the women to do things that are blantantly against the law, and then disavow them if anything happens.

2) Operate within the legal guidelines, but just treat their contractors as a paycheck.

3) Neither of the above, but don't really do much of anything, either... just wait for their cut.

So, yeah. We've been brainstorming, and we're certain we've got a business model that will be beneficial to both employer and contractor. So, any help here?
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for crying out loud get yourself lawyered up - this is too risky to do otherwise, unless you are going the pay off the cops and start a high class whorehouse route
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What about the "crime-fraud exception" to attorney-client privilege? Make sure you get a free consultation before signing a retainer agreement and writing a check for $7,500.
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There are several non-profit orgs that serve as information centers re. sex workers' rights and they would probably love to talk with you (especially since your friend is a sex worker who's turning entrpreneurial). COYOTE is the oldest and best-known -- they can also point you to other contacts in the Chicago area.
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