I want to mail three boxes of from Philadelphia to Spain. What's the cheapest option?
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I want to mail three boxes of from Philadelphia to Spain. What's the cheapest option?

The boxes are fairly heavy (about 50 books in total, several big and hardcover). I know there are bookrates with the US Postal service, but i'm wondering if a shipping service might be cheaper. I've searched online but can't find something that looks good and reliable.

I'm in no rush to receive the books (just sending them to myself).
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Media mail rate is the cheapest option I can think of. I mailed myself ~12 boxes of books when I moved and I spent less than $100 on it.
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I don't believe media mail is an option for international shipments.
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USPS does a "Surface M-Bag" that has a book rate. To Spain:

Books & Sheet Music, Publishers' Periodicals
Weight Not Over 11 lbs. $10.45
Each additional pound or fraction of a pound $0.95
Weight Limit: 66 pounds

Expect 4-8 week delivery.

For only 50 books, I expect that will be your best option.
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You should probably expect that you'll probably have to pay customs duties on them when you pick them up. I had a bunch of sweaters mailed to myself in Italy, plainly labelled as "Used Clothing" on the customs form, and still ended up having to pay about $60 in fees at the post office.

It may have changed now that the EU is more EU-like (they were just about to switch to the euro when I was there, but had abolished border controls), but you may want to factor that into your costs.
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Response by poster: that sounds like italy. i get alot of stuff shipped to me here and have never paid any dues to pick it up. though that might be different with a big package.

Surface M Bag sounds like a possible option.
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Yeah, it was highly variable, I assume based on which customs officer had bothered looking at the package. I mailed three big packages; one had no duties, one had something like $5, and the other was $60, all for basically the same contents.
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M-Bag is probably the cheapest and easiest.
See also this thread. You shouldn't owe any customs duty on things you've owned for more than 6 months.
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