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I just did an erase and install of tiger on my ibook G4 and now I don't have iphoto.

Also, if i can ever restore it, what's the best way to import all my photos back into it?
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iPhoto is part of iLife. You have to install it separately from iLife disks (if you were using a retail copy of Mac OS X) or your computer's system restore CD.

If you preserved your user folder, you shouldn't have to reimport your photos. It's only the program that's missing. Have a look in the pictures folder of your account for an "iPhoto Library" folder. If it's still that, you just have install the app.
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I encountered this myself.

To expand on what cillit bang said, Apple does this sometimes with bundled installs. My machine came with iPhoto and iDVD preinstalled, but upon a wipe/reinstall those both disappeared. Because Apple chose to include iPhoto in your factory install, the only way to get them back may be to purchase iLife. However, if your system came with a Restore disc, those applications might still exist in a system Restore image as opposed to a manual install.
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If they came pre-installed they will always be on the restore CD. I've never known Apple to do anything else.
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