What would the kids look like?
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A friend and I recall a website where you could upload pictures of two people and an application would show you what their kids would look like. Googling yields nothing useful. Does anyone know of this site?
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It was an Israeli company that had something to do with geneology.

Yeah -- the company is called My Heritage and the interface is at:

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This is real? My god! OK, where can I buy some Teamocil and a Corn Baller?
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I remember that from the Conan O'Brien show. I think it was called If They Mated?
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Mystified - MyHeritage doesn't offer that. Face recognition with celebs, but can't find the make kids option
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Think about how different siblings can look. I don't think such a service would be helpful, or have any degree of authenticity. I'm sure you can imagine what your kids would look like better than some quasi-scientific mash up of your faces.
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These photo booths are popular in the malls here in Shanghai. As far as I can tell, they just produce a picture of a cute, Chinese child. My fiance and I, who are white, asked the booth attendant to try it, but she refused - I suspect because it would have blown their cover.
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