How do you mount unmounted art?
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I am looking to purchase some art from ebay that is listed as Acrylic Paint on Canvas(unmounted). How would I go about preparing the canvas for hanging on the wall. My google-fu has failed me and I don't really know of any place locally I could ask. Is it just a matter of making a frame out of wood that goes behind the canvas? Does this mean the canvas will need to be stretched?
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It doesn't need to be stretched. In theory, you can frame it in a standard frame as you would a photograph or print. I've done that before with some of my own work as canvas by the yard is cheap, but frames are a bit more costly and I reuse them.

You can also, if you want, go to an art store and purchase a canvas frame to restretch it. Many may do it for you at a nominal charge.
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I had this exact issue with an eBay painting I bought.

I posted an ad on craigslist looking for artists who would do this for me.

I got a ton of responses, and got it done for much cheaper than at a frame store.

I know nothing about the process, so I didn't want to attempt it myself.

Good luck.
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You can buy canvas stretchers from art supply stores. They have dovetailed corners and wooden wedges to stretch them further if need be. If you take the artwork in to the store, an employee will select the appropriate size and tell you how to stretch it. It's pretty simple really--you start stretching with a few staples in the middle of each side, and slowly work your way out to the corners so as not to trap wrinkles.
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Yes, that would be a good skill to learn - frame the canvas yourself. It will certainly look better to display (no glass!) and will protect the paint by keeping it taught. But if you're not feeling the craft treat this like a mission, sniff out painters, your local art school, galleries, mumbling long hairs on street corners. Someone will have the knowledge.
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I'm an artist and putting together frames and canvas is not easy. It's even harder to do with a canvas that's already painted on, as the canvas is usually stiffer and you have to make sure it's centered right. If you are good at that kind of stuff then go for it, but I agree with the people who suggested craigslist or art schools.

I don't put together my own canvases, it's just not worth the time and frustration. I'd rather spend the time painting.
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