How do I get the Outlook web browser in c#?
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Outlook Add-in Filter: How can my COM add-in use the web browser that is built into Outlook?

I have a toolbar add-in (C#) for Outlook. I want it to open up a web page inside of Outlook, as opposed to opening up a separate IE window, using Outlook's built-in browser control. I'm pretty new to Outlook programming and can't find any examples.

Links to sample code or snippets in your response are welcome.
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The webbrowser that is built into outlook is IE, so you would just implement IWebBrowser2 in your window and you're done. A good example of this (with an example in C#) is How to: Add Web Browser Capabilities to a Windows Forms Application
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Response by poster: in your window

How about using the browser window that Outlook has? I mean, a user can open a browser window using the web toolbar. Wouldn't it be easier to use that instead of creating my own form and browser control?
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