Is it possible for you to over-pronate more over time?
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Is it possible for you to over-pronate more over time?

So, I've only been running for a few years. At the beginning, I don't think I over-pronated at all. But lately it seems that I can't run much without irritating my hips and it feels/looks like I'm over-pronating. Nothing I've read indicates that this can change over time, but it doesn't say that it can't happen either. Anyone have experiences with their foot alignment/pronation changing over time?
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As my shoes wore down it affected my knees and hips. New sneakers with no wear helped significantly.
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I've noticed something similar for me, except its the opposite - I tend to pronate less than I used to.

IANAD, but it seems entirely possible that your mechanics would change over time. In fact, I would expect your mechanics to change. You're getting older for one. Also, running is going to cause physical changes, most noticeably to your feet and legs. Those two factors combined would have to affect your running motion.
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My podiatrist told me when I got orthotics that it was likely that over time I would strengthen my muscles more evenly and become better able to compensate for my gait problems, thus making the orthotics less necessary. It worked to some extent, I not only got fitter and stronger overall with the (greatly) increased exercise but I specifically got stronger legs and can stand and walk straighter than before.

I don't see why it can't work the other way. The way you run works the muscles in a certain way. Muscle mass builds directly in response to physical stress and tension reinforcing the movements you're making. If you did different exercises you might be able to build the muscles in the opposite direction too and compensate. Even better would be to get properly fitted shoes or orthotics and run straight, rebuilding your muscles to keep you in line.

I don't know that increaased pronation is always going to happen or even overly likely, but I figure the physiology and mechanics underlying the process my podiatrist described is the same for the scenario you're describing.
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