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Looking for a good place to hold a film club in the San Diego area.

I'm trying to find a place for our club to rent out, as previously we used a party room attached to a member's apartment complex, and they moved. Some requirements:

1. Holds 20-30 people.
2. Audio Visual facilities. The previous place had a small room with a digital project, as well as an outer room with a several TVs. That made it great for showing multiple films at the same time.
3. Kitchen. This isn't a real issue, but at the very least we'd like a place that didn't mind us bring food.
4. Cheap prices. We've got a lot of people who are college age, and getting a lot of money for a rental might be difficult.

Also, if anyone has any suggestions on places to look for a room such as this, from prior experience (San Diego or not) that would be a plus.
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If any of you are students at SDSU, you may look into reserving one of the rooms in Aztec Center. I know that they let SDSU clubs and organizations use these, but I'm not sure about outside clubs.

Here's the Meeting Services site:
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The San Diego Library has meeting rooms. Some of them allow food (need a cleaning deposit), some don't. I would imagine they have some a/v capability, but I didn't see anything on a quick look at the site; perhaps a call is in order.
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