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Where can I find a good hunting guide?

I don't hunt but my dad does. He wants to go hunting and I need a guide for him.

Please give me some websites that are basically giant directories with many guides (sorted by area or whatnot).
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Please give me some websites that are basically giant directories with many guides

Try here.
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There are a couple of large game conservation organizations that offer outfitter links...Rocky Mtn Elk Foundation...look under Outfitters Camp on the right menu...Foundation for No. American Wild on Members and then Hunting Opportunities. These will be relatively higher end outfitters and geared toward big game. The Trophy Connection is a more middle market site with broader offerings. From there its just a function of figuring out what and where you want to hunt. Hope he finds something he likes.
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Uh, where are you planning on going hunting? For what kind of game? A few more details will help us give you a better answer.
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I should add that the FNAWS link takes you to local outfitting association sites that will then offer a selection of outfitters...the Elk site has many good offerings.
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Me thinks this might not be the perfect forum for good advice, as google-fu only goes so far toward finding a good guide. (I am a fishing guide, trust me, the ones with the shiniest ads or slickest website are rarely the best). I would suggest going to a local outdoor sporting goods store such as Cabelas, Bass Pro Shops, or Gander Mountain and chatting with someone in the hunting department. Many guides work in the off season in such places, and you would have a chance to meet them before booking a trip. Chances of finding a good guide are even better if you can find a local shop. Which is where google-fu will come in handy.
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