Help me keep flour off my pants while looking great.
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Looking for a sexy but functional apron.

I'm looking for a completely awesome apron to wear while I bake. I've found some here and here, but none of these have quite inspired me to drop $40. Number one is closest to what I'm looking for in terms of style, but I'm not crazy about the print. Are there any other online stores that sell something similar?
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Here's one.
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Sexy's in the eye of the beholder, of course, but what's sexier than a punk rock chef?

Well, almost anything. Just hope your dinner guest(s) never actually went to CBGB-- especially not into the bathrooms...

I purchased mine directly from CBGB, but it doesn't look like they sell it any more. You could try calling, I guess...
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I think this apron is very flattering. Can you sew, or know a friend that does? Aprons are the easiest things to make, and there are tons of cool patterns.
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Try searching Etsy for aprons; you'll be able to get something unique and handmade. I especially like this one. Here's a link to a search of the clothing category.
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Have you looked at Etsy?

If there's nothing exactly like you're looking for, you can commission one using their Alchemy feature.

I have a pretty great apron collection that I've collected at garage sales, farm sales, and antique stores, with my favorites being the ones my grandmother made for herself and used.
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Some of these are v. cute.
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Doh. They're the same ones that LoriFLA posted, only from a different site, and Lori's collection is much larger. Whoopsie!
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Lots of aprony goodness here. Hopefully folara responds - she is a lover of all kinds of aprons.
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This is a really cute and easy pattern from Decades of Style, if sewing is indeed an option. I've been considering getting the pattern for the 1930's kitchenette pyjamas myself, among other things.
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Get a nice white apron and scrawl 'apr0n' across it in red sauce (or sauce-like dye). If you want it printed, you could get a cafepress apron and then adjust it for sexiness.
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This one's nice too.
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What's sexier than meat?

Or, if "hot" will substitute for "sexy"
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These are great.
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I would check your local vintage shop-they always have lots of very fem 50s housewife aprons.
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Peapod garden apron
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I just bought the Delft blue apron from Cece Marie, who is a real person, and charming via email.
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My grandmother had one.

It was given to her by her sons-in-law (my father and uncle). Flesh-colored fabric trimmed in black lace around the bikini line and bra-strap area. Removable "pot holders"...with nipples.

Not sure if that was the year before or after the inflatable bra.

Drop me a line and I'll put you in touch with my mother.
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More aprons here, to add.
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As a man, this is more what I had in mind...
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