How to go from Palm Desktop 2.6.3 mac to 4.1.1. PC?
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PalmConversionHellFilter: Moving Palm calendar from Palm Desktop 2.6.3 on the Mac to 4.1.4 on the PC. There's more, natch, inside ...

Moving from Palm Desktop 2.6.3 on the Mac to 4.1.4 on the PC.

2.6.3 only exports calendar as "Tab and return" (a textfile) or "Palm Desktop"(a binary of some sort).

4.1.1(PC) only imports .dba files.

Plus, I do not have the palm device with me, so I can't sync on Mac, plug into PC, and sync again.

Two hours on Google has failed me. Cannot find a converter, cannot find acceptable hack for otherwise, am now contemplating drinking at 10am. Help me, Mefi.
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Have you tried exporting to the "Palm Desktop" format on the Macintosh PC, renaming the file to add a ".dba" extension, and then bringing that over to the Windows PC?
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Response by poster: Yes, with no luck.

A peek at the 'palm desktop' from mac binary and a sample exported .dba from 4.1.1 shows they are radically different.
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My desktop version 4.1 PC (came with my Tungsten T2) allows you to import vCal (.vcs) format as well as .dba. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to export vCal, even though the help file says you can (the menu item stays greyed out no matter what I do), so I have no way to test this.
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Best answer: Perhaps you can try to upgrade to the latest version of Palm Desktop on the Mac (after making a back-up of the data). Hopefully it will import your old data and also export to something the PC will accept.
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Response by poster: Score one for exogenous: went something like this, using an OS X machine w/ the latest PD as an intermediary because I'm super paranoid about wiping the original data:

1) Export as 'tab and return' format on 2.6.3. Email to self.
2) Put the latest Palm Desktop (4.1.1) onto a different machine (in this case, an OS X box) .
3) Get 2.6.3. file from email. Import it as 'tab and return' onto OS X and spend a few minutes matching up fields in their import tool. (Firstname --> firstname and so on)
4) Click import. Cheer as import works.
5) Click export - as *vCal*. Email this vCal file to self.
6) Move to PC running PD 4.1.1. Download vCal file from email. Rename file to to .vcs extension.

Import then runs smoothly.

I owe exogenous lunch!
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Don't remember if AirSet works with the Mac, but it synced my old Palm desktop calendar and contact information beautifully. I then synced with Outlook and voila! Free.
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