Willy Wonka dance tune
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At a bar we heard a dance version of a song from Willy Wonka (the '71 version.) Who did it?
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Ford feat. Jori - Pure Imagination?
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It's by Da Backwudz and it's called “I Don't Like the Look of It (Oompa)." (Also, and this is just my opinions, it's horrible.)

Link to youtube video available here
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Just one opinion. Sorry.
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I have heard a dance mix of the Oompa Loompa song by (I think) Robbie Tronco. This is a more dance-y track, whereas "I Don't Like The Look of It" is more hip-hop.
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Betcha it was Aphex Twin's We Are The Music Makers.
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There's also Crazy Penis's 'There's a better place'. Its a bit more downtempo though.
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There is a dance version of the Oompa Loompa song.. its name escapes me. But it was on the soundtrack to the Jackass movie.
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