Horror Flick Still Haunting 35 Years Later
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HELP me with this movie title PLEASE! As a child, I saw a black-and-white horror movie about a woman who lived in a house on top of a cliff. Her fiance fell off the cliff and died. She had a mirror at the end of a hallway. Whenever she looked at it, she was still young and beautiful. Many years later, she smashed the mirror and instantly aged and died. It gave me many nightmares back in the day (we had a full-length mirror at the end of a hall and I was terrified to look at it), but today I would love to see it again. After many unsuccessful Internet searches, I fear that y'all are my last hope. PLEASE HELP. Thanks!
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Fear No Evil
posted by Bighappyfunhouse at 1:53 AM on August 29, 2006

Doesn't sound exactly right, but it could be Dead of Night.
posted by teleskiving at 4:22 AM on August 29, 2006

The Uninvited (b/w, ca. 1942?) involves a cliff and a swan dive, but I don't recall a mirror. Excellent movie, though.
posted by scratch at 8:43 AM on August 29, 2006

Definately not The Uninvited (no mirror), but what a wonderful movie that was. I've been wanting to see it again for ages.
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