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iTunes question: I set up some playlists within my XP profile. My wife wants to access them in her profile. They don't show up. How can she get them to come up in her profile?
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On Itunes for the Mac, I have an Export Song List option--maybe you have it too? You can export to the harddrive and she can import.
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Response by poster: The library I have on my profile doesn't show up in her instance of itunes. When I import the playlist .txt, it looks in her library to link up the song titles with the actual files, sees none, and does nothing.

Where on the drive does Apple store the library files, and the playlists for a given user? That seems to be the key, if I could just copy that over to her settings folder...
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iTunes stores everything in "\Documents and Settings\$USERNAME\My Documents\My Music\iTunes"

If you tried copying everything there to "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents", then re-configuring iTunes to look in that location, _theoretically_ the library should be shared, although I can't say I had much luck moving stuff around. As always, keep a backup.
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