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I just found a can of 1975 AmWay "Dust Control Spray" (furniture polish). There is just a bit...

It is more than 3/4 full, smells exactly as I remember 1975, includes some really bizarre instructions for furnace and a/c use. Can this thing of beauty (It actually has some very disturbing psychedelic graphics) have any value, like auctioning on e-bay, craigslist, or should I just keep it on ice for the eventual 1970's party?

I hate to waste an AskMe, but this not so ancient relic intrigues me.
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I really want to see a picture of this.
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Is it the same stuff you can buy on eBay for $9.99?
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Response by poster: stick around, I'm working on it. Any ideas where I can post while I fool around with flickr, which is bugging me?
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Response by poster: Try this.

I don't know what the hell it is but it's cool.
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Response by poster: furtive, no it's not the same maaannnn!! This is from '75 maannn!!! You don't even know, maann!! Sorry, just trying out the Dennis Hopper affect from Apocolypse Now. But there is the pic. I tried for more detail, but the digicam won't allow for such scrutiny.
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Maybe you should try and find the original owners and return it to them? Does anyone else find it strange that they label their cleaning supplies with their home address?
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As a former ebay consignment worker, I'd say that it's worth almost what you paid for it in '75. If you had a case of the stuff in brand new condition, it would go for slightly lower than the 1975 per-case price.
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Rodger Dodger, that was probably the address of the Amway rep who this this stuff. Amway was a multilevel marketing scam where you sold cleaning supplies to your friends and family until they all learned to avoid you.
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Response by poster: Roger Dodger, it's not their home, it's a warehouse in a commercial park that has long since been abandoned by them. Yea, I looked them up, looked up the address, but didn't come up with anything interesting other than a list of litigations. No surprise there.

Oh, well, Amway sucks. I guess I'll save it for a party so we can have that heavenly 1970's aroma!

Thanks all!
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Response by poster: Oh, wait, (cough) what if the can was "haunted"?

Again, thanks folks!
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And can you imagine, they want to elect the scion of Amway as Governor of Michigan? Talk about ultimate pyramid scheme. You might try selling it here, either to the Democrats as a reminder of how EEEEEvil Amway is, or sell it to the Republilcans as their mascot.
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maybe you could trade it for something, and then trade that for something else, and so on until you have a house....
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Give the ozone layer a good ol' fuck you.
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