Can I watch the Wilson Bridge Detonation?
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NoVa folks: Where can I watch the Wilson Bridge Detonation? Do I really just have to be a neighbor in the "safe area" and have my own roof? I guess I'm hoping there's a park I can go to, or some other public spot, within the viewing zone. I checked the official site (it seems they're trying to minimize the spectators, for obvious safety reasons), craigslist, and tried some random searches without any luck.
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Well the bridge passes through Jones Point park, so you could probably watch from there, you could also walk down to the waterfront in Olde Towne and see how that works for you.
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The Going Out Gurus "would recommend watching from the Old Town waterfront in front of the fairly new housing development. To get there, head south along the pathway from the Potomac View/Windmill Hill dog park and you should find a prime place to take a seat and watch the destruction."
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I think you'd have a MUCH better view from that park at Jones Point (rather than Olde Town). But show up early, as parking will be impossible -- I have a friend who lives across the street, and parking's problematic down there even when they aren't blowing up bridges.
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