Event Handlers for Dynamically added ASP.NET controls
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How to write and execute event handlers between dynamically added asp.net controls

I have code which loops through an IDataReader adding a tablecell to a table and a checkbox to the tablecell for each record. I need to have the containing tablecell change color when the checkboxe is checked and unchecked and I cant figure out how. Preferrable this would be achieved without a roundtrip to the server.

while (data.Read())

for (cellCtr = 1; cellCtr <= cellCnt; cellCtr++)
TableCell tCell = new TableCell();
tCell.RowSpan = 1;

CheckBox cb = new CheckBox ();
cb.Checked = false;
cb.Text = Field1.ToString();
cb.ID = Field1.ToString();
cb.ToolTip = Field2.ToString();

tCell.Controls.Add (cb);
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Best answer: How about adding a JavaScript (or VB if you want) client-side event handler to each cell? (I'm not sure if this is the way things are normally done in ASP.NET, but it'll still work).

I don't have an ASP.Net system to hand to test this, but something like this should work:

// Server-side:

// Then put this in the <head> of your page:
<script type="text/javascript">
function changeColor(cell)
oldBgColour = '#000000'; // default colour
newBgColour = '#FFFFFF'; // highlight colour
if (cell.style.backgroundColor == oldBgColour)
cell.style.backgroundColor = newBgColour;
cell.style.backgroundColor = oldBgColour;

This assumes the parent of the checkbox is the cell.
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Response by poster: Thanks a million for that matthewr. It worked. I am just giving the JavaScript a tweak and the cb.SetAttribute is cb.Attributes.Add ("onclick","clicked(this.parent)");

But basically it is adding and calling the JavaScript function which is exactly what I wanted. I will post the 'tweaked' JS when I get a chance. Have tried to mark as best answer but not working at the moment. Will try later also.

Thanks Ken
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