What is this piece of art?
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Looking for information about a piece of art at the this year's Whitney Biennial

If anyone here went to the Whitney Biennial in New York this year, you may have seen an exhibit about gun-related crime in Texas. In front of the piece there was a giant stack of posters that had photos of all the people killed in Texas in gun-related incidents in I think a one month period, I'm not sure. Anyway, as I look at the poster I took from the exhibit, I totally forget who the artist was and what exactly the piece was about. Anyone know?
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Here is a list of artists from the Central (including Texas) US that were in the Biennial.
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"Death by Gun," by Felix González-Torres?

Moma has a photo and a brief description:

...the subject of "Untitled" (Death by Gun), and its treatment, is unusually specific for him. Appropriating imagery from Time magazine, it presents 460 individuals killed by gunshot in one week in the United States, and includes the name, age, and circumstances of death for each person depicted. No opinion about gun control is added by the artist.
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The "stack of posters" description sounds like pretty standard Felix Gonzales-Torres fare to me.
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You may be having trouble locating it on the Biennial site because I believe it was part of a separate, concurrent exhibition (correct me if I'm wrong) that was in that weird little wing on the 5th floor.
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