Trampoline recommendations?
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Trampoline lovers -- what trampoline should I buy?

Now that I have a back yard, help me fulfill my childhood dream of owning a trampoline.

Main goal: I want to jump up high in the air. Secondary goal: I want to leave the trampoline outside all the time and not have it fall apart. Tertiary goal: I would prefer not to get killed.
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I don't have a specific recomendation as to a brand/model, but you may want to buy one at a place like Sam's Club (I have seen the big trampolines there before), which has a ridiculously liberal return policy. If it falls apart after a year, they'll likely take it back. YMMV, but I've known people to take just about anything back to Sam's/Costco after a year with no hassle.
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You will love having a trampoline! I recommend the kind with a big fence around it, to keep you from falling off, which is surprisingly easy to do. Also get the safety pads that cover the springs; it's easy to drop a leg through the gaps. Spend as much as you can to get a really good set.

I have a family member who's got a large trampoline, and every time we visit, I take off my shoes and have a good bounce. It's just about the most fun an adult can have (alone or with a friend!). Great exercise, too. She leaves hers out, but if it were mine (if only!) I'd definitely buy a cover.

I wish you were my neighbor!
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be aware that if your homeowners insurance agent finds out you have a trampoline, they may drop you. see this:
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I don't think they're made anymore, but the old AMF ones were what they used when trampoline was one of the men's gymnastic sports. One of my coaches had one when I was in gymnasitcs in high school, and it was totally badass. It was rectangular and had a bed that was made from white weaved strips of material.

Another gymnastics guy had one too, and he put street lamp poles on either side, then we could use ropes and training belts to really crank (triple flips, etc) and not worry about death.

A lot of the round ones made today are very spongy and not much fun at all.

Here's a link to one on Ebay. Like anything you'll find, it would need new springs and a new bed, neither of which are listed anywhere I can find. I'm sure there are a bunch stowed away at high schools and colleges...

They're incredibly dangerous, of course. Flying off onto the ground or going through the springs is really just a matter of time, but it is really fun.
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Here's a site that appears to still sell them. I guess they call it "Power Tumbling".

This is the type of bed I was talking about.

They sell replacement springs and beds too, the beds look like they go for $200-1500. So if you could get an old frame for free...
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