Why is the bad lady screaming?
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What the heck is going on in this video?

I ran into this video on collegehumor.com and after watching it several times, I simply cannot figure out what's going on. The caption and a sign in the movie tells me it's at a Pro-Life rally, but aside from that, I am clueless.

Why is the crazy lady yelling at the boy? What is she yelling? Why is he silently taking the abuse? What's with his book? What is he muttering beneath his breath? Where is the ending to this video?

I realize I am probably putting way too much thought into a video on a website specializing in beer pong shots and drunken pictures, but for some reason this video clip has me intrigued!
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Judging by the people in the background it looks like it's part of a skit. What the skit is, I dunno, since there's not much footage there!
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The girl may be Pentecostal, and if so the boy is probably just praying with a Bible under his arm. I visited a Pentecostal church as a kid and there was some speaking in tongues going on that was a lot like this. Scared the crap out of me.
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I think this is called 'screaming incoherently in tongues'. The people behind them look happy not because they're in a skit (I'm guessing) but because they're sharing the 'love' referred to on the girl's T-shirt.
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some variant of speaking in tongues I presume. She has been possessed, not sure if by God or The Devil.
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Glossalia, it's speaking in tongues. Looks like Assemblies of God footage, judging by the dresscode.
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Yeah malaprohibita has it, glossolalia..
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Maybe she's an extreme pro-choice advocate who's mocking and harassing the poor pro-life fellow.
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i'm seconding bjork24's take on it yo.....
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It is an ecstatic fundamentalist moment. The shirts are all "hip" indie christian shirts that emulate pop/profane culture, i.e. "Got Salvation?" in the style of Got Milk? etc.

Makes me really glad that I don't get involved in any meaningless, silly group rituals. Except for, you know, the ones I get involved in.
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I think this (shadowgov.com) is the site that he has on his shirt.

(for what that's worth)
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I can't tell if the girl is trying to antagonize the guy with the bible or has the holy spirit up her butt. Either way these people need better hobbies.
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The lady behind her is holding a sign that says "Sodomy prevents abortion" ...

bad lady indeed... this must have been an interesting event.
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"Hail Sodomy, or death camps to you all" is what the "anarchist" is screaming, according to KGOV radio, the video's source (sorry, there doesn't appear to be permalinks on their page. Search for "anarchist").
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Here is a permanent link to that KGOV site's archives for an MP3 which discusses this video, but don't listen, it's addicting :)
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