Help me find the Wings of Slack before the Pinks destroy them forever!
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Where can I find a high-res or (better yet!) vector version of the much-vaunted Wings of Slack?

The "Wings of Slack," originally drawn by Robert Williams and "sold" to the SubGenii for $15 and a case of Chivas Regal, constitute a favorite image of mine. I'd like to Rasterbate this image and put it on the wall in my living room, but unfortunately, I haven't been able to find an original image whose resolution is sufficient to ensure that it won't degrade horribly when Rasterbated.

Now, here are the best images I've found so far:

1. Hand-drawn Wings of Slack (my preferred image)

2. Computer-generated Wings of Slack (less desirable all around)

I've tried LiveTracing a cropped screenshot of each in Illustrator, but they just don't come out well, regardless of what tweaks I make to the settings. I could trace the entire thing by hand...or look at every image in the Art Mines with the hope of discovering the secret hidden high-res Wings of Slack...but I was hoping someone here might have already found/made a copy.

Any luck?
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I'd vectorize it or pay someone to vectorize it. With some Illustrator effects it could be pretty convincing with a smallish # of effects. It'd probably be 2-5 hours for someone skilled with a vectorizer program, depending on how exact you need some of the shading to be.
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Best answer: I've got the original Book of the Subgenius right here. Dude, you want me to send you an image, you should specify the resolution and have an email address in your profile. Show a 4th-degree Over-foreman meta-primate a little slack.
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Response by poster: Mm. It occurs to me that perhaps that's why I'm not finding it all over the place online—we should each have our own copy of the Book of the SubGenius to crib from.

Unfortunately, friend, I've misplaced mine. Any chance that I can get a little slack over here myself with a 300 dpi scan of the holy Wings?

(E-mail address now in the profile.)
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Sent, let me know if you need bigger.
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Email me a copy and I'll host it online for others to share.
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For whatever it's worth, that symbol is part of the subgenius font collection. I don't know enough about fonts to know if that stuff is vector based or whatever, but there's

Also, thanks. I'd forgotten about the crazy stuff that's buried in that art collection... gave me an excuse to go back and look at that stuff. Kinda lost interest after the world failed to end...
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sorry. I meant to say there's a postscript version on there, as well as ttf.
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Response by poster: 1. Thank you very much, planetkyoto!

2. furtive: If you didn't get sent a copy of the scan yet, I'll send you one. Let me know!

3. ph00dz: Yes, fonts ARE vector-based! I'm going to download that and check it out as well!
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