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Having an issue with my RAID0 that I'm having problems diagnosing...

Windows and the BIOS both indicate that there is an error with one of the drives in the RAID0. The most specific information I've been able to get from windows is "One of the drives in Volume 0 is failing. Backup data immediately."

A thorough CHKDSK has come up clean, and the hard drive diagnostics on my utility partition have all passed as well. I've made a backup of everything important, and so far I've lost no drive integrity, as far as I can tell.

A replacement drive is being sent to me, and starting from scratch is not a big deal (I knew the risks of a RAID0 going in), but I'm still just curious as to what the problem is. Are there any more diagnostics or methods I could try narrow down, or maybe even fix, the problem?
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Run a SMART diagnosis tool (example, .zip). Some techs scoff at them but I find them at least one source of useful information.
posted by Blazecock Pileon at 6:20 AM on August 25, 2006

And I'm exceedingly fond of Spinrite 6, though how well it will work with your RAID is uncertain...
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Second Blazecock. Sounds like you are getting a SMART notification of an imminent failure. Usually, SMART is accurate and enough to get a warranty replacement. Take the bad drive, clone it onto the replacement, and call it a day.
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Yeah, like I said, a warranty replacement is on the way, so I'm not worried there. But I can clone the bad drive? I was told last night by tech support that that I could not. So, if that's possible, my question DEFINITELY changes to "How the fuck do I do that?"
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