Cleaning Glasses
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Anyone have a recommended way for cleaning glasses? (spectacles not receptacles)
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I use a spray spectacle cleaner (this was the closest I could find online -scroll to halfway down the page. I buy mine from my optician) and then rub dry with a chamois -type cloth - again, available from your optician
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I use a little atomizer filled with plain, cheap isopropyl alcohol and a jersey cotton cloth (it's really an old t-shirt).
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3m makes a rewashable, non-scratching polyester-ish cloth that works great with cheap eyeglass spray from MalWart. I found the 3m cloth at MalWart too.
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cheap shampoo. running hot water. a little cheap shampoo on the fingers then rub the lenses. shake of water or find a clean corner of a towel. fancy shampoo with conditioners etc is no good.
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Yeah, but what about the greenish corrosion from the nose piece? How do you stop that?
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You can't, but you can get the nosepieces replaced very cheaply at any eyeglass place.
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I'll second the recommendation of the 3M Scotch-Brite polishing cloth. 3M sells the same stuff in larger sizes as a dusting cloth, so you might look for it with the household cleaning supplies. Do not bother with any knock-off cloth that looks like the 3M but isn't.
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Shaving cream then running water is a super cool secret way of doing it. (Don't believe me? Just try it.) Keeps 'em from fogging up too.
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piskycritter: That's copper corroding out of your brass frames. Unless you stop sweating, there's no way to prevent it with your current frames. After years with the same problem, I've stopped it by switching to titanium frames. Expensive, but they last at least five times longer than the old brass ones.
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"Yeah, but what about the greenish corrosion from the nose piece? How do you stop that? - posted by piskycritter"

Well you could chop your nose off but - short of that - the nose pads/pieces are usually attached to the eyeglass' frame by tiny screws. One each. Remove the screws and you can clean off the green goo with alcohol, soap - whatever - off the pads.
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I wash under tepid-cool running water with dish soap or whatever is handy. Then dry with clean soft cloth. (I.e. the bandana usually found in my pocket.) I've never had a problem with this technique, even with a low-glare coated lens.
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I'm the same - washing up detergent rubbed on with running tepid water. I try to keep a very (very) old t-shirt handy to rub dry; the cloth is absorbent and non-scratchy. This is only since I got plastic lenses tho - glass lenses take much more abuse. (Will try the shaving foam, jca!).
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I use my shirt. ;)

I've worn glasses since I was 7 years old and I have never bought any special stuff to clean my glasses. I usually use water and a soft cloth to keep them clean. If they're really grungy, I have an old toothbrush that I'll use on the edges of the lenses and around the nosepieces, which is where my glasses tend to get grungy.

And I never knew that was copper leaching out of the brass frames, though. Learn something new every day.
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