Why isn't this shampoo advertised?
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This shampoo question reminded me of something that I saw in the store the other day. I saw a Sunsilk "line" that was all in Spanish and was in a fuchsia bottle labeled "Anti-Caida", which means, roughly, "Anti-Fall".

When I got home I looked it up on the Sunsilk website (Flash with sound, FYI) and it didn't seem to exist. I then looked up "Anti-Caida" Sunsilk and found this fact sheet about the mysterious shampoo.

Here's are my questions - Why wouldn't this product be advertised like the other "lines", and why does it seem to be in stores in Plymouth, MA and nowhere else?
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might be a test market product. often companies will release products in a limited market to see how they do.
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I've seen that in the Buffalo, NY area as well, for what it's worth.
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Response by poster: I suppose what confuses me is that if it is a test market, Plymouth doesn't have much of a Hispanic/Latino population (1.7%). That said, it wouldn't surprise me if this product is in other towns along the South Coast, such as New Bedford, that have a greater Hispanic/Latino population.
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I saw the "anti-caida" 24/7 cream alongside the "anti-poof" line of Sunsilk shampoo and conditioner at Target today. It was the only product on the shelf that was labeled in spanish. There isn't a large Hispanic/Latino population here, for what it's worth.

Apparently, we aren't the only ones who are intrigued.
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Also, to answer the question about advertising, apparently, it is (as a caveat, I have no idea where this is being shown, but during my little youtube search, I noticed that there seems to be a world market for Sunsilk).
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I've seen this shampoo at HEB (grocery) in Austin and Wal-Mart in Houston, TX. I too was intrigued by the Spanish labelling.
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Response by poster: Spanish Sunsilk, although it includes many more varieties than our US Sunsilk, doesn't include "Anti-Caida".
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