Using OSHA standards, what is minimum hallway width for an office environment?
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I need to know the minimum hallway width in an office environment based on OSHA standards. (more inside)

Also, are there minimum width requirements to cubicle entries?

The Background:

My office is in the process of renovating the facilities in a two phase project. Phase one is being unveiled on Monday. I've gotten a sneak peek and the passageway between the solid walls and the cubicle walls seem quite narrow. Additionally I poked my head into a cubicle and was alarmed to find that if I stood still in the entryway I had less than an inch clearance between my arm and the entry casing.

I know residential hallways must have a 36" clearance but I haven't been able to find anything via google on office environments.
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IIRC, it's 44 inches, and you don't need to be concerned with OSHA as much as you do with the ADA.
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Lion is half right. ADA is likely to be more strict than OSHA in this area. I don't know of any OSHA requirement that will be more strict than ADA or the local building code on passages.

Being an architect, I hesitate to even speculate on any answer a number of variables can trigger a variety of answers. It has also been a long time since I have reviewed ADA and the many codes used in the US, but provisions might exist which allow a 36" wide passage and even smaller "entrances" into cubicles at your office, wherever and whatever that may be.
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