Where online can I order Strongbow or Scrumpy Jack cider?
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Where online can I order Strongbow or Scrumpy Jack cider?

While overseas, I discovered a fondness for English cider, namely Strongbow and Scrumpy Jack. Recently in Indianapolis I found a pub that served Strongbow, and I thought I'd try to track down an online company that could ship this cider to my home in Oklahoma. Sadly, internetwines.com doesn't ship to my state.

Where else can I find this product for sale?

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If you can make it to Canada they sell it at the LCBO in Ontario. They also sell Blackthorn cider there, of which my boyfriend is a big fan, which is why I know this! I don't think they ship though.
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Try Woodchuck. It's from Vermont, but it's a nice dry cider much like Strongbow. I miss it since I moved to Canada, but I use Strongbow as a Woodchuck replacement.
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Another vote for Taunton Dry Blackthorn. Your favourite cider sucks! But seriously, check it out if you ever get a chance.
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Response by poster: Well, they sell Woodchuck here in town, and I've certainly given it a try, but alas, it's not the same.

Still looking for info on ordering online . . .
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How about this place?
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Also this place, though I imagine shipping might be a bit more expensive.
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Still looking for info on ordering online

My guess would be that the reason that internetwines.com doesn't ship to your state is that it's illegal in your state to ship alcohol to individuals
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Sam's Wines and Spirits doesn't have it listed on their website, but they almost always have it in their store. They'll ship to anywhere it's legal, so it might be worth giving them a call and seeing if they can help you out.

And I agree with you, Woodchuck is no Strongbow. Most varieties of Woodchuck are too damn sweet, although their 802 (formerly known as "Dark & Dry") is pretty tasty.
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Whole Foods occasionally has StrongBow. At least they did during the Cup.
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I don't know if the Chicagoland chain Binny's ships to Oklahoma, but they do carry Strongbow. Mmm.

(The faq says "It is Binny's policy not to ship to certain states where direct shipment is prohibited and therefore, our web site will not let you place an order for shipment to Michigan, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, Utah and other states.")
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Direct shipping of alcohol to the state of Oklahoma is prohibited.

- USA Today's handy state-by-state guide to alcohol shipping regulations
... which, as I see it, leaves you with two options: either ask someone who lives out-of-state if you can send it to them and have them bring it to you next time they visit, or talk to your local liquor store and see if they can place a special order for you. My guess is that you'd have to order a case or some minimum like that, but if you like the stuff, then it would ostensibly be worth your while (either way, really).
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Strongbow? Strongbow! Oh dear. I advise you never let your taste-buds near that again. How dare anyone call that piss cider!

If you want proparr cider, here's a list.

Heron Valley being my favourite (though a little pricey). Not too sure if they'd ship either.
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I feel for ya. I also developed a taste for the cider abroad.

Reading here it looks like Albertsons might be your best bet. They have locations in OK.

I find most American ciders to be way too sweet, but HardCore cider from Boston Brewing (makers of Sam Adams) comes pretty close to Strongbow, Scrumpy Jack etc.
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