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I'm trying to create a bloglines account of just NYC events. Help me find feeds.

My focus right now is on poetry and prose readings, because I want to go to those things, but also because people have blogs where they mention readings. The stuff I have now are things like NY Public Library, Paragraph readings, NY brain terrain. My emphasis is probably more on the cultural side (talks, lectures, readings, parties, classes), but I'm pretty much open to everything. Even if I don't use it, someone else might be interested. Most of these events happen to be NYC, but I'm interested in Brooklyn and Queens too.

Also a lot of events listings don't have rss feeds--is there a way to convert this into something bloglines can take?
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Page to RSS

I hope you don't mind a self link.. many of our authors are local to NYC (

Don't forget about the Brooklyn Book Fair or whatever the name is, on September 16.
posted by shownomercy at 10:04 AM on August 23, 2006 [1 favorite] seems like a good place to start.
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Response by poster: Dude, one-story is totally reputable. Didn't you guys just start your blog up like last week?
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The Events section of Craigslist will have some listings too.
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We just officially launched but it's been a long time coming (so I am perhaps overeager to pimp it.. but I know we've got some serious events over the next six months).
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Response by poster: So now that I know how to turn any page into an RSS feed, I'm just looking for any listing of events in NYC that updates regularly. Is there a way we can change the original post to reflect this? Thanks.
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NYC For Free livejournal group.

My friend matt runs WhatsUpNYC (both sites being relevant to what you're asking)
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Response by poster: also, does anyone know how to make it so bloglines displays all the entries even after you've read them? I know you can enter this individually per thread, but there must be some sort of universal default.
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