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I don't remember where I saw it, but a week or two ago there was an pretty cool movie that was made by a gal who used no video but combined hundreds of digital photos (stills) made with her (still) digital camera.

You may remember that in the movie she flips off her empty refrigerator. I forget where I saw it linked from and did not save the page. Desparately trying to find it again. I remember that she posted it in her blog and that one of the commenters said that they were now featuring it on the frontpage of their Youtube-cloned site (which I thought was called Vidoo, but I'm not finding anything with that domain name).

While, I'm at it, if anyone has good resources to share on making video/movies from digital stills (still animation), I'm all ears. Thanks!
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More to the second question

posted by edgeways at 8:37 AM on August 23, 2006

Was it the one in this link? The video is no longer there, but this is the post I thought of when I read your question. There are other, apparently similar videos linked in the thread.
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Dunno about the first question, but for the second part, from Photojojo:
How to Make Stop-Motion Video Shorts with Your Digital Camera
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No, I think skrike has it.
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Interrobang: I love that Sia video, I have it saved to my desktop and watch it from time to time but this link should work.

I also have another stop motion one Im trying to track down a link for, if I cant find it Ill up it to youtube.
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Ah. Thanks, skrike.
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I put the QT of it here. Some of the links in this page aren't working for me so I can't tell if this has already been answered. I do not remember who the author is or where I saw it. I hope she does not mind the redistribution :\
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scarabic: nice work!!! I didnt think my first link was it because there was no flipping off the fridge.

Here is the other video that I was thinking of with good stop motion.
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Response by poster: Scarabic's got it. Thanks!

I'll keep monitoring the thread for the other stopmotion animation links you may have. Appreciate those too!
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Response by poster: And thanks to inigo2 who not only found it first, but where I originally saw it, and where there is also a link to the creator's blog (just so she gets proper credit):
Jaclyn Campanaro. I think I want to have her babies
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Well, my link was only possible because someone posted about Photojojo either here or in the blue recently... So thanks to metafilter :)
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Along similar lines (raised to the nth power?), Tim Burton's recent film "The Corpse Bride" was shot using stop-motion animation with a Canon 1ds.

(google search)
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