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Where should I see A Scanner Darkly in London?

It's showing at my neighborhood theatre, but the screens are postage-stamp sized, and I'd like to get the full Bob Arctor experience. Thanks!
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the west end
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well, do you have any idea where it is showing? Give us a choice of cinemas and people can tell you which are the good ones. Unless you want us all to go away and look up the film for you and come back with a list of recommendations...
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Barbican Centre, Cineworld (Fulham Road, Hammersmith, Haymarket, Wandsworth), Clapham PH, Curzon Soho, Electric, Empire, Everyman, Genesis, Greenwich Picturehouse, Odeon (Camden Town, Holloway Rd, Putney, Swiss Cottage, Covent Garden, Whiteleys), Phoenix, Richmond FH, Rio, Ritzy, Tricycle Cinema, Vue (Islington, Shepherds Bush, Fulhams Bdwy), Watermans Theatre

I've only been to the Genesis and the Curzon. The former had tiny screens; the latter was lovely but the screen wasn't much bigger.
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The Empire in Leicester Square has a massive screen, if I recall correctly. I saw Kill Bill there, so it was a while ago.
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I second the recommendation of the Empire. The main screen there is huge. However, note that they have multiple screens, and I'm guessing that the biggest one is reserved for Miami Vice. It may be worth calling them and asking. (Even their smaller screens are still very good, though.)

You can also check out Time Out: London. Their cinema listings for many (although not all) theatres include the number of seats in the house; obviously, the more seats, the bigger the screen is likely to be.

The Swiss Cottage Odeon has a very wide variation amongst the sizes of their various screens. If you decide to see it there, definitely call and ask which screen its playing in, and how many seats it has.

By the way, I've seen A Scanner Darkly, and, while it was visually really interesting, it wasn't one of those films that puts a lot of emphasis on visual spectacle. It's very dialogue- and character-driven, as you might expect from a Richard Linklater film. So, don't worry if you don't end up seeing it on the most absolutely humongous screen in existence.
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(Even their smaller screens are still very good, though.)

I should clarify that. I mean even their smaller-relative-to-the-Empire-main-screen screens. I think that the smallest screen at the Empire is still probably bigger than the screens at your local theater.
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Go and see it at the Empire Leicester Square, it should still be on Screen One, which is the real deal.

YankeeFog: I went to see Miami Vice on Monday at the Empire. It was on Screen 2, which is utterly wretched - the screen is as tiny as any other multiplex and worst of all there's almost no raking so a couple of tall people near the front blocked a chunk of the picture for everyone. At £9.50 a ticket it was a rip off and you'd be better off going somewhere cheaper. It didn't help that the film is crap too. (The evening was rescued by seeing the six kids in line in front of me get IDed to get into a 15 -- those were the days!)
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Electric. Expensive, decent size screen, big leather armchairs, great drinks and snacks.
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yes, seconding or whatever the Empire Leicester Sq, it will be expensive but you will get a big screen. I've also heard nice things about the newly refurbished Electric but can't testify as to screen size. Odeon Holloway Rd used to be my local and has some large screens.

Can also rule a few out based on your list - generally if it's called Picture House it won't have large screens, the Tricycle is quite small I think, and with the multiplexes, check which screen it's on - if it's a high number, it'll be a small screen (usually).
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My local cinema down here in The East End is the Genesis Mile End, and they have five screens, one of which is a 566 seater.

I only mention it as Wednesdays's all tickets are four pounds, and students / faculty pay four pound fifty pence all the time (if you're an OAP you'll pay TWO pounds anytime). I try to avoid the ten pound or so West End cinemas if at all possible.
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