What's a good, free, ID3 tag editor?
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What's a good, free, ID3 tag editor? I have 6GB of mp3s, and at the moment, most are stored like this: Artist/Album/## - Title.mp3, and have good tags, except for 500 or so which are dumped in a folder called Misc, and are tagged and named at random. What I want to do is change all of the first group to Artist/Album/Artist - ## - Title.mp3, and all of the second group to Misc/Artist - Title.mp3. Any suggestions?
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This list contains most of the good ones. I've used TagScanner and The Godfather, and both work well for the kind of thing you want to do.
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I used to use TagScanner, then I found ID3-TagIt, which I liked better. (I found it via OnlyTheBestFreeware.com, which is a really good site, where they only list their single favorite program for every category.)

But after looking at that screenshot for The Godfather, I may have to check that out. It looks really powerful.
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I'm a fan of Mp3/Tag Studio. The free version shows a banner ad, but it doesn't install any evil spyware. I think I'll also check out the others to see if they're as powerful -- while mp3/ts hasn't let me down it's nice to try other tools.
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MusicBrainz to recognize your files and Tag&Rename to mass modify names and tags.
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I should add that Tag&Rename is not free, but I think you could finish the job in 30 days.
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If you've got a Mac, then MP3 Rage is the best swiss army knife around for tagging music files.
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I second the suggestion for MusicBrainz. Every time I recommend it to people they look at the page and go "Eh, I already have an ID3 tag editor." They don't get it. It is an AMAZING program, the type of thing that computers were designed for.

I had over 1000 MP3s in a single folder, a lot of which were mislabled. MusicBrainz scanned them, recognized them, automatically changed the ID3 tags, and sorted them into Artist/Album/ folders, all with nothing more than a single click (not one click per song, but one CLICK) or two.
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I've tried most of the apps suggested, and I've gone for Tag&Rename. I must say MusicBrainz seemed very poor - the first album I tried it on, Audioslave's self titled debut, was a complete failure - it didn't recognise a single song, and took about 3 minutes to do so.
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Open source option - mp3 Tag Tools 1.2. Have been using it for a year and a half, no complaints.
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